All rentals require:

$20 down at the time of booking to hold the rental. The money down is refundable if cancelled up to 24 hours before the rental period.

The credit card holder must be present at time of pickup and show a valid photo ID.

A credit card allowing for a temporary hold of funds (credit card authorization) up to the amount listed, along with the balance of the rental fee, is due at time of rental pickup.

Please plan your weekend rental pick up accordingly. Arts Cameras Plus-Greenfield closes at 7 PM on Fridays.

Weekday rentals are per night, with pickup beginning at 12 PM and due by 12 PM the following day, unless otherwise stated.

For weekend rentals, please select date range Friday through Monday. Weekend rentals are available for pickup anytime Friday after 12 PM and are due before 12 PM on Monday.

Need help or don't see the equipment you need? Please call 414/727-0234.

New Booking:
Mon Mar 18 - Tue Mar 19, 2019

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